Sponsoring Orphans

Sponsoring Orphans

The idea of this project is to help orphans’ families via sponsoring their children by a sum of money (monthly). It aims to secure a decent life to the orphan, to raise the orphan’s level culturally, socially and behaviorally, and to protect him / her from loneliness and shortage.

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Supporting and assisting families who have lost their breadwinner by providing for the basic needs of their children.

Build familiarity and love and strong ties between the people of the same nation.

Provide support and reinforcement for the child to get the safety and tranquility required.

Refine the character of the Jerusalemite child in a healthy and healthy way to come out loving society and life.

Help the child to feel the presence of a compassionate hand supporting him and stand beside him to be in a healthy mental and mental state.

Project Cost:

Monthly Sponsoring Total of Monthly Sponsoring Total of Monthly Sponsoring Total of Annual Sponsoring
200 Children 100 € 20,000 € 240,000 €
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